Buckeye Scenturion Odor Counteractant

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Product Features

  • Eliminates odors at their sources
  • Chemically reacts on contact with foul-odor substances to neutralize unpleasant smells
  • Does not mask odors with heavy perfumes
  • May be sprayed, wiped, or poured onto odor sources
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Product Description
Scenturion is a patented, liquid odor counteractant that chemically reacts on contact with urine, feces, food waste, and other foul-odor substances to eliminate odors at their sources. Scenturion is excellent for combating unavoidable odors associated with nursing homes, long-term care facilities, schools and universities. Spray, mop, or pour Scenturion onto odor sources that can't be easily removed.
Product Specification
Pack Size 4x1gal
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